Stereoscopic Coffee Cup Free HD Stock Video by Zygistudio

Stereoscopic coffee cup s3D plate rotating
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  • Red nymphaea lily water lily

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Zygistudio (a.k.a ZYGISTA MB) is owned by Zygimantas Cepaitis who is well known in stock time-lapse video production industry. Zygimantas is an expert with Canon and Panasonic cameras, computer software and technical development of lightboxes. In post-production Zygimantas is expert in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas software. We use the latest Canon (Canon 5D Mark III) and Panasonic (GH4 4K, DMC FZ2000) cameras to produce the video clips. For time-lapse production we use many LED-lighted lightboxes, computerized turntables, multiple Canon and Panasonic cameras operated by computers and automatic intervalometres. We also accept custom requests for creation of special video clips or modification of existing ones. Main area of interest is production of time lapse videos of growing plants, flowers and vegetable. Nearly all our time lapse video clips have an ALPHA channel and were shot on GREEN / BLUE screen. Use the DM or Contact page on our Web site to get in touch with us.

Freebie - HD 1920x1080 23.98 fps (jpeg Apple Photo - JPEG)
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